Janitorial & Maintenance


Prestigious Janitorial & Maintenance Services

The Ingerv Group Ltd. brings more than 25 years of experience in delivering luxury building maintenance to our clients in downtown Toronto.

Unlike other janitorial companies whose focus often centers on the masses, Ingerv prides itself in the quality of its work and offers a premium cleaning experience. Our dedication to this philosophy has led us to attract and maintain a large and loyal clientele.

The Ingerv Group Ltd. is proud to be Green Clean Certified. We use Green practices and products to create a safer environment for residents. All of our products are Green Seal Certified, as we use sophisticated chemical mixing techniques, which reduce waste and prevent pollution to our environment. We understand how important it is to reduce the spread of germs and illnesses at our properties. Our green practices include dusting with microfiber cloths, HEPA vacuum filtration, and flat mopping as opposed to dusting with cotton rags and string mopping. Our decontamination practices ensure that all of our properties are protected against harmful bacteria.

Our ability to offer premium janitorial services is a result of our extensive training regimen. Our training programs have always been a strong point of our service. We believe that no other factor is more important than a thorough and complete training. The Ingerv Group Ltd. is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality work. Our team has extensive training in maintenance and janitorial services. All of our staff members receive on the job training from our management team before they begin. Our staff also receives quarterly performance reviews. We recruit top talent through a rigorous interview and qualification process. All of our staff members have undergone background checks to ensure that they are suitable to work at our properties. All associates are required to wear Ingerv uniforms while on the premises.

The Ingerv Group Ltd. uses a state of the art time attendance tool to monitor time spent at each job on a daily basis. This ensures that each associate is highly productive when performing his or her duties. Ingerv management quickly corrects deviations from prescribed standards.

The Ingerv Group Ltd. is proud to be the preferred janitorial services company in downtown Toronto. We carry full insurance, including works’ compensation and liability coverage. We take pride in the quality of our work and strive to create and maintain complete satisfaction for the property managers we work with, and our employees.

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