Testimonials from our Clients:

  • Bruno Hertl

    Bruno Hertl

    Property Manager | St. George Property Management
    We have been using Ingerv for over seven years, we have been completely satisfied with their professionalism and their quality of work. I am happy to highly recommend the services of The Ingerv Group Ltd.
  • Valerie Lucas

    Valerie Lucas

    Property Manager | Brookfield Condominium Services Ltd.
    The Ingerv Group Ltd. would be a welcomed service for any prestigious condominium property in downtown Toronto. The level of training, supervision and attention to detail is to be commended.
  • Murray Johnson

    Murray Johnson

    Regional Manager | Brookfield Condominium Services Ltd.
    The first time I entered a property maintained by Ingerv, I was impressed enough to ask who the cleaners were.  Over six years and perhaps a hundred clients have passed since then and I have never been disappointed.
  • Andrew St. George

    Andrew St. George

    St. George Property Management
    I have found Ingerv to be a company that I can trust to service even the most meticulous of clients. Their attention to detail is exceptional. I am confident that when given a job it will be addressed in a timely and efficient manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Ingerv.
  • Stanley Morris

    Stanley Morris

    Regional Manager | Brookfield Condominium Services Ltd.
    Our clients find their services to be of the highest levels including professional well trained staff, responsive to our clients needs and the highest quality of the work performed resulting in a clean positive environment in the buildings.
  • Dave Arnold

    Dave Arnold

    District Manager | Del Property Management Inc.
    Artan and his team at Ingerv have consistently provided high quality dependable services to our mutual clients, anytime that an issue has arisen, it has always been addressed quickly and professionally. As Condominium Managers, there is nothing more that we can ask for!
  • Julian Dyrmishi

    Julian Dyrmishi

    Property Manager | Del Property Management Inc.
    The Ingerv Group Ltd. has been providing janitorial services for our properties over the years. I am impressed with the quality of work provided, the responsive attitude and the professionalism displayed for our clients. 
  • Ester Petrelli

    Ester Petrelli

    Property Manager | ICC Property Management
    We are most fortunate to have The Ingerv Group Ltd. as a key contributor to the successful operations at The Prince Arthur. We are very pleased with the performance and dedicated service that they have provided over the years.
  • David Cekani

    David Cekani

    Regional Manager | Brookfield Condominium Services Ltd.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Artan Ingerv of The Ingerv Group Ltd. for their service excellence over the past 10 years. It is a pleasure to recommend the outstanding team at Ingerv. 

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